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Sfera grande, 1966-1967

ø 350 cm
AP 250

Rome, Ministero degli Affari Esteri, Piazzale della Farnesina

Photo: Tommaso Lepera

My first large-scale commission was the Sfera grande for the Montreal World’s Fair of 1967. I remember it very well, since for me it marked the decisive moment of my passage to monumental scale. The sphere today is in Rome, in front of the Farnesina Palace, which houses the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it’s often seen up close in television news programs, thus becoming a kind of logo for discussions of international questions and events. When the details of the work are shown, and the camera enters its entrails, it arouses of a feeling of disquietude. I’m very pleased that this image has come to be seen as a metaphor of the tragedies and contradictions in present-day history, and of the efforts to overcome them.
Arnaldo Pomodoro