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The concerns of my work as an artist have always centered on the relationship between the individual sculpture and the space in which it is sited.

A sculpture, indeed, is the realization of a space of its own within the greater space in which it lives and moves. When a work transforms the place in which it is located, it takes on the valence of a true and proper witness of the times that spawned it, and thus places a mark on its context, enriching it with additional layers of memory.

Today I think of my sculptures as crystals, or nuclei, or as eyes, or signal fires; and I see them as relating to borders and voyages, to the worlds of complexity and imagination.

Arnaldo Pomodoro, 2008

The National Institute of Ancient Drama’s (INDA) century

07-03-2014 - 07-03-2014

On the occasion of the National Institute of Ancient Drama’s (INDA) century Arnaldo Pomodoro will curate the staging and costumes for the three plays to be staged from the 9th May to the 22nd June 2014 at the Greek Theatre of Syracuse: Agamemnon and and The Libation Bearers- Eumenides by Aeschylus, The Wasps by Aristophanes.

“… I don’t believe that a traditional scenic solution should be built to put on the Oresteian trilogy, but that the place where the drama takes place should be itself the image and the synthesis of the tragedy that we find ourselves in front of, as before the history of a people, of an ethnic group, and of the same human species. I therefore imagined a scene consisting of a rough surface, covered by architectural fragments, in which abstract architectural elements emerge with the typical signs of my artistic language: a landscape of ruins, covered by lavic sand, built across the whole stage.

 In Wasps, to the same stage settings used for the first two plays, I added a specific element: a vertical wall in the shape of a large beehive, an emblematic sign to immediately materialize the figure of the wasps, as metaphors of the pugnacity of the Athenians and to characterise the sense of Aristophanes comedy that targets the entire legal system of the city” (Arnaldo Pomodoro)

FORMA, SEGNO, SPAZIO. Scritti e dichiarazioni sull’arte.

25-01-2014 - 25-01-2014

The book FORMA, SEGNO, SPAZIO has been published: a selection of the most important Arnaldo Pomodoro's writings on art, curated by Stefano Esengrini and accompanied by sketches, projects and photos. The book is edited by Maretti Editore in collaboration with Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro for the new book series "Scritti d'Artista" conceived by Concetto Pozzati under the patronage of the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca in Rome.
The aim is to introduce the precious and manifold critical autonomy of the artist, through brief texts, notes, considerations on his own work and on general issues: a thought conveying  into sign, word, writing.
The book was presented in Bologna, Arte Fiera on January 25th at 4:30pm along with the books by George Griffa and Joe Tilson.

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Arnaldo Pomodoro. Il teatro scolpito

28-09-2012 - 28-09-2012

The volume, Arnaldo Pomodoro. Il teatro scolpito has been published recently. With over 600 pages it is edited by Antonio Calbi and published by Feltrinelli and Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro and contains many essays and a large number of pictures that show all the 44 theatrical projects carried out by the artist from 1972 to today. 





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